GGAA 2014 - Continuous Improvement - Otago Polytechnic - Finalist

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Doing the right thing – a holistic approach to sustainability

At Otago Polytechnic we believe in doing the right thing. Our goals are to have every graduate a sustainable practitioner, and to encourage businesses and communities to act more sustainably, while modelling sustainable practice ourselves. Staff and students (and their employers) believe sustainability is important. Since 2005, we have made great strides in measuring and reducing our footprint, and in developing skills and knowledge for sustainable practices. 

Top 3 learnings:

  • Staff defining sustainable practice in their curriculum context as they were able to integrate it into their programmes and utilise student placements to reinforce their learning.
  • The long term commitment of the CEO and the leadership team was critical to ensuring that the strategy was resourced and implemented. Sustainability is a journey not an end point.
  • Ensuring our vision was translated into clear actions and expected behaviours, so staff could contribute and make the appropriate changes.