Global university guide - the role of senior managers (2008)

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DEA and Bournemouth University's 'The Global University: the role of senior managers', is a publication to support universities in addressing the challenges of sustainable development, globalisation and internationalisation. Written by senior managers for senior managers, it provides practical examples to support universities in learning from each other’s work in this crucial area.

Bill Rammell MP, Minister for Lifelong Learning, Further and Higher Education, writes in the preface,

“Globalisation is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored and its forces can be felt in almost every aspect of a university’s operations - its staff, students, curriculum, research activities - to name just a few. This publication enables leaders in universities to exchange experiences and learn from one another. I welcome this publication for the useful contribution it makes to the globalisation debate.”

The publication argues that a synergy between top-down and bottom-up approaches is key to introducing global perspectives into higher education institution policy and practice. The majority of contributions come from England with case studies from Canadian and Mexican contributors.

Ewart Wooldridge CBE, Chief Executive of the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education writes,

“These vital issues require sound leadership at all levels of the institution, if they are to be properly developed, championed and embedded inside our university system… We are pleased to have played a part in the earlier development of this key piece of work and have no hesitation in endorsing this publication. It will be a very useful adjunct to our programmes and related research.”