Green Gown Awards 2012 - Continuous Improvement - University of Gloucestershire

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Assuring Quality Futures: Sustainability at the Heart of the Curriculum System - Finalist

Establishing institution-wide commitment to sustainability in the curriculum is one of the hardest but most important strategic issues to address - no University has yet fully embedded EfS into their education systems. This is the ambition of UoG - a goal that was set in 2007 when senior management buy-in allowed a strategic shift in policy to promote EfS. Initial work focused on Quality Enhancement (QE) – the development of resources / frameworks to support staff teaching practice.

The next, far more challenging, phase is to embed EfS in the ‘gatekeeping systems’ and educational culture of the University through the Quality Assurance (QA) system. Advances were made at UoG when it took the role of lead institution for this project that was funded by the 2010 HEFCE LGM scheme for projects to advance sustainability - the only large scale project dealing with EfS - and delivered in partnership with four other Universities, HEFCE and the QAA.

This work has resulted in renewed leadership commitment for EfS at UoG. The University has formalised a commitment that all QA processes must embed EfS; to provide EfS guidance and training for External Examiners and QA Professionals; and to establish responsibilities and assurance safeguards to secure EfS in the curriculum quality system.