Green Gown Awards 2013 - Courses - Coventry University - Winner

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Humanitarian Sustainability

Humanitarian Sustainability uses Coventry University’s Add+Vantage (A+V) employability modules as a means of teaching students the importance of applying sustainability concepts when operating in humanitarian response situations.

Humanitarian Sustainability is about developing sustainable, culturally sensitive and appropriate solutions to address social issues in communities that are unable to cope themselves. It can be applied on a local, national or international level.

The project has resulted in a Humanitarian Sustainability Journey available for students to travel starting in their first year with a broad global challenge, moving to more specialist topics in the second year including looking at the concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility, and then onto a final year module that focuses on a sustainable supply chain that starts in pre-disaster preparedness, through to the remediation of a post-disaster community.

The project has resulted in National and International recognition with a UNITWIN Network with 18 partners in over 5 countries.