Green Gown Awards 2012 - Best Newcomer - Derby College - Finalist

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The Food Hub

The Food Hub at Broomfield Hall is a project which has been developed to encourage local people to buy local food, and to get involved in producing their own food. It promotes local growers and producers by offering them a local retail outlet and café through which their produce can be used and show cased. The food hub is sited at the Broomfield hall land based campus of Derby College to inspire students and the rural communities of Derbyshire, to recognise the potential of diversification into greener business practices. It is also a community meeting place used to show case, the things people can easily achieve in their own back gardens to enhance their health and well-being, and to become more sustainable. The Food hub's work extends into the community through community growing projects each year with Derbyshire residents to help them establish collective growing areas which they can maintain for their communities during and post project. It is based on a social enterprise model where profits will be reinvested back into community projects once the initial lottery 'Local Food' grant funding ends.