Green Gown Awards 2012 - Colleges & Smaller Institutions - Walsall Adult & Community College

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A Sustainable Institution and an Excellent Institution are One and the Same. We are Trying to Prove It!

Since its formation in 2009, Walsall Adult and Community College (WACC) has embedded sustainability into Leadership and Governance, Estates, Teaching and Learning and Partnership and Community Engagement. At its very first Senior Management Team (SMT) meeting it took the decision to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of its activities, with a particular focus on the core business of teaching and learning.

The SMT acknowledged that sustainability was simply business excellence and that by taking a sustainable approach to everything WACC did, it could take two underperforming colleges and create one excellent one. By including sustainability in every decision it made and more importantly embedding sustainability into the systems and processes that make the College work, has made sustainability business as usual. This has required absolute commitment from the SMT along with clear communication of the importance of sustainability in all that it does.