Green Gown Awards 2012 - Research & Development - Scotland's Rural College - Winner

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GreenCow is a world-class, innovative facility designed to support world-leading research programmes to combat climate change. It measures GHG emissions in ruminants and is designed and managed to bring together scientists from all over the world to build expertise and stimulate innovation.

GreenCow has become a hub for research collaborations and education opportunities. Scotland's Rural College (SRUC ) is working with leading climate change scientists from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA, China, France, Germany, Switzerland, Argentina and Brazil. It supports SRUC 's own courses and has hosted students from other higher education institutions.

SRUC has become the new benchmark for this type of facility, combining high welfare standards with technical innovations and inspiring the construction of similar facilities in Brazil, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia and India.

Initial research results indicate that relatively simple changes to livestock breeding and nutrition can make significant improvements to the carbon-efficiency of the sector.