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Student-led Environmental Management Systems

Chiba University is the only university in Japan that has acquired both ISO14001 and ISO50001. Since 2003, the Student Committee for Environmental Management Systems (EMS) has been in charge of operating the EMS. It has a core role in making drafts of environmental objectives and plans for the university, lecturing about EMS at trainings, serving as internal auditors, and editing environmental reports. They also carry out various activities such as raising ecological awareness, environmental education for children and green conservation. As a result, environmental burdens and expenses were greatly reduced. Quite unique is an accreditation and qualification system. Students learn and carry out these activities as a course for 3 years. They can build not only knowledge but also business skills, and finally are awarded an EMS practitioner qualification. Up to now 424 practitioners were produced. According to a survey, over 80% said the activities were useful for working in society.

Prof. Haruaki Nakaya, Vice President for Planning and personnel affairs / Energy management supervisor, says:

“As a manager of the university I highly value this project not only for its substantial effects, such as reducing environmental burdens and expenses of the university but also for effectiveness demonstrated on the educational side which is the main job of a university.”

Top 3 Learnings

  1. To operate a university EMS, we created a student committee within the university organisation.
  2. As a part of education using "Accreditation and Qualification system", we found students play various roles of EMS.
  3. We have learned student-led EMS has not only environmental and economic effects but also educational (both environmental and practical) and social effects.