How do limbo dancing, landlords and student energy habits link?

Tags: energy | housing | landlords

How do limbo dancing, landlords and student energy habits link? image #1

Presentation from 18th EAUC Annual Conference 2014

Stream: Partnership and Engagement
Competancy level: More advanced


University students who live in privately rented houses account for nearly 40% of total student population in the UK (NUS 2013) and the majority of them live in relatively old housing stock which is energy inefficient. Many lack the knowledge and skills and with energy bills ever increasing, students are a vulnerable group with little external support.

This session uses a case study in Worcester where a partnership approach is finding solutions to promote behaviour change as a core tactic to impact on energy consumption.

This session will define the issues for landlords and students around energy efficiency in student housing and show examples of two student friendly websites:
• immediate eligibility for possible retrofit measures
• record energy consumption and make comparisons with similar properties

Come away with examples of bespoke reports for student houses on measures they can take to be more energy efficient and save money on fuel bills.


Katy Boom, Director of Environmental Sustainability, University of Worcester and Peng Li, Energize Worcester Project Manager, University of Worcester Students' Union