Iceotope Solution for High Performance Computing (HPC)

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Iceotope Solution for High Performance Computing (HPC) image #1

High Performance Computing (HPC) is the ability to focus significant compute resources quickly and efficiently at a particular, sometimes transient, level. It ranges from modeling our universe to understanding the behaviour of nanoparticles. The challenge is to marshal sufficient compute and associated cooling infrastructure to deliver a completed project within ever decreasing timescales and shrinking budgets. Most organisations are seeking increased density to try and achieve economies of scale in space and cooling. There is an alternative.

Designed whilst working closely with the University of Leeds, the Iceotope Solution provides significant amounts of industry standard processing power, memory, storage and interconnect required by HPC environments. However, unlike many systems on the market today, our solution is closely coupled with 2N coolant and power to the cabinet, so it complies with Tier 3 and Tier 4 designs. Iceotope typically reduces the energy directly consumed by the IT load by 20% and ancillary cooling by 97%. It takes  roughly 80 watts to harvest the heat from a single 20 kW cabinet, equivalent to 30Kw of legacy IT, while enabling improvements in reliability and performance.