Increasing renewable energy generation in the HE sector - project led by University of Liverpool

Tags: higher education institution | resource efficiency and waste | Operational | estates operations | strategic | Project | liverpool


The Energy Consortium has led a partnership made up of Harper Adams University College and the Universities of Lancaster, Liverpool and Surrey to develop additional 'renewable' energy generation for use within the higher education (HE) sector.

It has considered the evaluation of technologies and contractual models for both 'on-site' and 'off-site' generation in order to provide higher education institutions (HEIs) with framework agreements by which they can access 'renewable' energy generation.

For the purposes of this project 'on-site' generation is defined as energy generated and used on the HEIs' individual sites, thereby avoiding transportation charges, with any excess generation being fed into the national grid system at feed-in tariffs. Off-site generation is defined as generation that does not occur on the institution's site and is therefore subject to transportation charges.

The project was funded under the Leading Sustainable Development in HE initiative and ran from June 2010 to December 2011.