Interface inspires a lesson in Colour - Oakhurst Primary School

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Oakhurst Primary School in Swindon has worked closely Interface, the leading manufacturer of sustainable and innovative modular flooring, to kit out its brand new school building and create a striking learning environment, using colour to create distinct and engaging surroundings for different age groups.

From the outset, Oakhurst Principal Dale Burr was instrumental in driving forward the design brief and was keen that the floor scheme was creative, while relevant and inclusive for each age group. He commented: “We chose Interface for the project because, on top of the company’s excellent sustainability credentials, the innovation and flexibility it offered through its products was just what we needed to bring to life the ideas we had in mind.”

Hannah worked closely with Mr Burr to select the colour schemes for each of the classrooms, signifying the transition through the school. Hannah continues: “Colour combinations were chosen specifically to enhance the learning environment for each individual age group. For example, in the nursery class we created a vibe of energy and excitement to inspire interaction by specifying rich reds, coppers, brass and a complementary hint of dusty pink. Whereas, for the infant classes, varying shades of green were utilised to create a calming and reassuring mood, and blue tones were used for the junior areas to achieve the desired atmosphere of communication and concentration.”