20,000 UK Citizens now certified as Carbon Literate

6th August 2021

As extreme weather events driven by climate change become increasingly severe, and their economic impacts increasingly obvious, the UK approaches its leadership and hosting of the COP26 United Nations climate change negotiations in Glasgow beginning on November 1st. 2021.

In more positive news, The Carbon Literacy [1] Project has today (6 August 2021) announced that more than 20,000 UK citizens have now been formally assessed and certified as Carbon Literate [1], and as a consequence, pledged and taken well over 40,000 actions to directly address climate change and immediately reduce UK carbon emissions.

Working with citizens, groups and organisations drawn from all sectors of society, The Carbon Literacy Project oversees the delivery of a days worth of learning and action about climate-change. Uniquely however, although quality controlled by the Project, the training is co-designed and delivered not centrally, but by members of the sectors, groups and audiences receiving the training.

EAUC are pleased to be working in partnership to promote Carbon Literacy training. Our online Carbon Literacy course is a blended learning experience, with self-study elements alongside 2 half days virtual training, and is relevant climate change learning for everyone. The course ensures an understanding of how climate change is affecting us now and into the future, opportunities to better communicate climate issues at work and at home and introduces social aspects such as climate justice.

To date, EAUC delivered and overseen the training and certification as Carbon Literate of 121 people from over 40 institutions across UK & Ireland, including 28 Universities, 7 Colleges and 7 Other related organisations.

The success of the Carbon Literacy Training we are conducting is continuously confirmed by the positive feedback received:

"Excellent presenters! The training activities were really interactive and the workshop was well balanced between listening and engaging.”

“Invaluable.  Reinforced what I already knew but providing me with that further insight to wake up!”

“Thank you for delivering a very informative course and keeping us engaged throughout both sessions.”

“I thought that this was fantastic, and I was really impressed with the training and it exceeded my expectations.”

“Excellent presentation and facilitation. It felt friendly and collegiate.”

Find out more about the Carbon Literacy Training offered by EAUC and opportunities to book on an upcoming training session here

Further information about the Carbon Literacy Project is available here

[1] Carbon Literacy is:
“An awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.” 
It is achieved by the testing, assessment and then certification of successful individuals as Carbon Literate after they have participated in a days-worth of learning and climate-change action and planning.

20,000 UK Citizens now certified as Carbon Literate image #1