2015 Green Gown Awards Australasia - entries now open!

7th May 2015

Applications for the sixth, annual Green Gown Awards Australasia launched today.

These Awards are open to all tertiary education institutions, including universities, TAFE, Polytechnic and RTO’s within and outside Australasia, as well as third party organisations and multi partner teams with an institutional leader, and they're free to enter!

What's New for 2015?
There have been some exciting changes in the category line up. Two new categories – Built Environment and the Leadership Award are looking for their inaugural winners. Three categories have had a face lift – Learning, Teaching & Skills, Community Innovation (formerly Social Responsibility) and Continuous Improvement: Institutional Change, and the stats just got better as judges now have the discretion to Award up to two winners for the Continuous Improvement category– one small and one large. .

Best Newcomer
Built Environment – NEW
Carbon Reduction
Community Innovation - International Category
Continuous Improvement: Institutional Change – International Category
Facilities & Services - NEW
Learning, Teaching & Skills – REVISED for 2015
Student Engagement - International Category
Individual Awards
Leadership Award – NEW
ACTS Award of Excellence – Staff
ACTS Award of Excellence – Student

This means that all 3 Awards are now open for 2015 with Les Trophées des campus responsables (the French speaking edition of the Green Gown Awards) opening on 4 May. These Awards are open to all French speaking universities and colleges, schools and specialised institutes in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Canada.

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