2021 UK & Ireland Green Gown Awards Finalists

8th July 2021

Awarding Sustainability Excellence in Extraordinary Times

2021 Green Gown Awards UK & Ireland
This year’s UK and Ireland Green Gown Awards’ Finalists, representing over 862,219 students and 156,000 staff, are leading the way with their commitment to the global sustainability agenda and proving the value that universities and colleges bring to the economy and society even in the most challenging times.

The Finalists emphasise an institution’s role in enabling and empowering young people to tackle pressing global issues to ensure they have a better tomorrow. Finalist projects show the power post-16 education possesses and the seriousness with which it takes its responsibility in creating a better world and a new generation of leaders. 

Huge congratulations to all Finalists from everyone at EAUC, our judges and the Awards Steering Group!

Reflecting on this year’s submissions, Iain Patton, CEO, EAUC says "It is clear from the number and quality of applications, that sustainability and the now irreversible sustainability movement is not only resilient but profoundly energised, opportunistic and dynamic!  UK and Irish universities and colleges have turned Covid 19 challenges into opportunities and ensured that every change is a change for sustainability. A reset of our economic and social foundations is happening and the Green Gown Awards are all the more important to inspire and scale change for sustainability. Congratulations to all our finalists."

View the Finalists here. 
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