77% of students concerned about climate change

24th September 2014

The NUS has built upon their research, regarding student’s attitudes towards sustainability. NUS has found that each year, 80% of students express that they want their institutions to do more on sustainability, and 60% want to learn more about it.

Since April 2014, NUS has tracked students' attitudes towards climate change finding:
•     77 per cent are concerned about the effects of climate change
•     Over 60 per cent think that we're already feeling the effects of climate change
•     Over two thirds would be more likely to vote for a government which took action on climate change

Previous research and engagement with sustainability activities across the country has exemplified the passion and drive amongst the student body. These high figures continue to demonstrate how imperative sustainability is to them.

The NUS will be continuing their work with student unions across the country to provide a student voice on sustainability.  This is a key time, with the campaigning for the next year's General Election, and the crucial COP in Paris.

Read more and see the data here.
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