UK Climate Projections 2018 Released

27th November 2018

The UK Climate Projections 2018 study has been released by the Met Office, providing the most up to date information on how the climate of the UK may change in the period up to the end of the 21st Century.
In the highest emissions scenario, which are looking likely based on current emissions reduction trends, summer temperatures in the UK could be 5.4C hotter by 2070 than the average summer between 1981 and 2000, with average summer rainfall dropping by 47%. Winters could by up to 4.2C warmer, with up to 35% more rainfall by 2070.
Regional Variations
Using the Key Results tool for Land Projection Maps, we have had a look at the temperature anomalies projections in the regions of our two EAUC Offices in Cheltenham and Edinburgh. Looking at the projections both our teams started to feel rather hot under the collar!

This is easy to do yourself - we suggest you take a look.
Find out more
Find a general overview and the Key Results tools on the Met Office website, or use the User Interface to create a wider range of maps and graphs. The raw data can be downloaded in different formats from the Met Office website for further analysis here.
Climate Change Adaptation
The ongoing EAUC and HEBCoN Climate Change Adaptation Project is nearing the closing phase, with outputs being planned to help you to understand how to best engage colleagues with the need to adapt to our changing climate. Contact Rebecca ( if you would like to be sent details of the resources as soon as they are published.

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