A Very Merry Christmas Day Out

22nd December 2015

On Wednesday 16th December, the EAUC team spent the day volunteering with IT Schools Africa, a Cheltenham-based charity which provides resources for e-Learning to schools throughout Africa. This facilitates children's education, enhances their job prospects and helps transform the wider African economy.

The charity refurbishes IT equipment donated by individuals, businesses, universities and colleges and schools and ships it out to Africa to provide good quality, affordable computers to schools.

During the visit The EAUC team rolled up their sleeves and got to work to help the staff and volunteers at the IT Schools Africa warehouse to check that donated screens were functioning correctly and to remove parts from older computers that are not fit for shipment to Africa so that they can be used as spares. View more photos from our volunteering day on our Instagram account here

The day provided a great opportunity to learn more about the work of IT Schools Africa, an EAUC Strategic Partner. The charity’s work provides a great example of how unwanted/older goods can be recycled and reused to improve the lives of others around the world and we’ll certainly be donating any of our out-of-date IT equipment to them in the future!

They are always looking for donations of IT equipment so if any Members would like to find out more about donating old/unused computers to the charity, please contact IT Schools Africa on 01242 228800 or email contact@itschoolsafrica.org. We'll also be hosting a webinar with IT Schools Africa on 3rd February which will provide you with more information on managing your e-waste. Register for the webinar here
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