An exchange is more than just words

20th August 2013

Inspiring knowledge exchange… over lunch!

A key part of the Sustainability Exchange is encouraging dialogue and sharing of ideas and approaches whether through resources, forums or other online methods. It is this concept that inspired our ‘exchanges’.

Since the platform’s launch, the EAUC have been delivering a series of ;free lunchtime webinars, hosted by the Sustainability Exchange. These webinars see professionals from all over the UK coming together to share ideas on sustainability with a small audience, connecting via a user-friendly platform and taking advantage of the lunchtime period to learn something new over a sandwich.

So far, we’ve held 13 exchanges, with topics ranging from sustainable food, paper recycling, various behavioural change themes and environmental reporting (see list right). Each webinar is hosted by a member of the EAUC team and presented live to up to 25 delegates. A recording is taken and then uploaded to the Sustainability Exchange as a permanent resource to& be shared with all users. As with all resources, each item is tagged with our sophisticated search tags to make finding the specific resource you want as simple and precise as possible!

You will find all upcoming webinars, recordings, notes and presentations from all of our ‘exchanges’ at 

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