Bournemouth University launches new health and wellbeing programme for all 2,000 employees

25th January 2018

Bournemouth University is rolling out its sustainability and wellbeing engagement programme to all of its employees this January.

The new programme, known as Green Rewards, is launching to all 2,000 university staff as part of a drive to reduce carbon emissions and boost wellbeing at the university. The push towards health and sustainability supports Bournemouth University’s commitment to delivering the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as each behaviour targeted through the programme contributes towards at least one of the global goals.
The university-wide launch of the Green Rewards behaviour change programme follows a successful six month pilot which launched last year (2017) to four university departments. With a third of its target audience signed up, the pilot achieved outstanding results, including a 14.6% reduction in average energy consumption across active departments, 26,000 miles travelled to and from campus sustainably and 11 tonnes of C02 emissions avoided.
£100 was also donated on behalf of the winning team to Bournemouth Food Bank, who were extremely grateful to receive the donations.
The Green Rewards programme encourages staff to take steps to improve their sustainability and wellbeing and rewards them with ‘Green Points’ for taking these positive steps to address the SDGs. Members compete on an individual and team level to earn Green Points, with monthly prizes available for top performing individuals and an annual charity donation for the top team.
An engaging communications campaign supports the competitive elements the programme has to offer to encourage lasting behaviour change at the University. The pilot was well-received by its initial target audience of 450 staff, of whom 45% said they had increased their sustainable behaviour at work since signing up to the programme and 39.9% said they had improved their health and fitness.
Neil Smith, Sustainability Manager at Bournemouth University, is looking forward to seeing even more positive results. He said: “We’re really excited to roll-out the Green Rewards programme to all staff at Bournemouth University. As more and more employees take part, we expect to see real improvements to the health and sustainability of our university campuses, while on a global level every positive action we take contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals. Increasingly, we are seeing more universities and organisations taking steps to embed the SDGs within their sustainability strategies. Green Rewards is one way we can ensure our staff have a positive impact here at the University and globally.”
Chief Operating Officer, Jim Andrews, added “Signing up to Green Rewards is a great way for staff to start the year on a positive note for the environment and their health and wellbeing.”
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