Contributions for EAUC response to HEFCE sustainable development consultation

9th January 2014

The EAUC is a Member-led organisation. We represent you, and ensure that your views on topical issues are conveyed to the rest of the sector and to the Government. One important way we can do this is by responding to consultations from the Government and other organisations.

As you will be aware, HEFCE has launched a consultation aiming to encourage dialogue within the higher education sector on what more can be done to promote sustainable development. As you are an EAUC Member, we thought you would like to have an input into a formal EAUC response to the wider consultation.

What is this consultation about?

HEFCE’s framework for sustainable development sets out some of the ways that universities and colleges can contribute toward reducing their environmental impact, and how HEFCE can best support them. Learn more about HEFCE's consultation.

Submit your response

As this is such a crucial issue for the sector, the EAUC will be responding to the consultation to represent and provide a voice for its Members. To help shape our thinking we ran a pre-consultation webinar for Members to gauge a reaction and understand how you believe we can take advantage of this opportunity to create a long lasting strategy and framework for everyone to aspire to. Thank you to all those who took part as this was a useful session. For a summary of the key points from the webinar, click here.

We are now inviting you to formally respond to this consultation by submitting your views to the formal consultation questions provided by HEFCE. There are only 8 questions to answer and you don't need to answer all of them. We will use this insight to draft a collective response from the EAUC and its Members. It may be useful to read the webinar key points before you complete the formal consultation questions.

> Please submit your responses to the 8 provided questions by Friday 31 January

We will make the final response available on our website and via eNews when it has been submitted. We will also be running a follow up session at the 2014 EAUC Annual Conference to engage further with the strategy and discuss how we work together to implement it.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you take this opportunity to have your say.
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