COP21 Cycle Ride

27th October 2015

As COP21 approaches, John Thorne, Sustainability Coordinator at the Glasgow School of Art, has signed up to cycle from Edinburgh to Paris in December.

From assistance with talks as the team cycle south and general promotion and awareness raising, to assistance with accommodation and offers of car/van support, he is looking for help from HEIs and FEIs to help make the journey a success,

There are currently ten people in his team, but this number may increase, and they expect to join other ‘feeder’ rides heading to the main London-Paris ride.

They will be taking eight days to cycle down to London from Edinburgh and the route depends on offers of accommodation and interest. However, the team is likely to take a west-side route via Lancaster>Oxford

Their schedule is as follows:
28 November - leave Edinburgh
5 December - arrive London
6 December - depart London to Paris via Brighton and Dieppe.
10 December - arrive Paris
12 December - rally at Eiffel Tower
13 December - Eurostar home, bikes are trucked back to London
13 December - Finish London

Click here for more information.

At London riders need to join the London-Paris section which is £250 and bookable here & here

For any questions please contact John here
COP21 Cycle Ride image #1 COP21 Cycle Ride image #2