COP26 President discusses priorities

9th March 2020

COP26 president Alok Sharma gave his first speech in post to the UN last week. He outlined his priority actions areas for COP26 and 2020.
  1. Adaptation and resilience. ‘Helping people, economies and the environment adapt and prepare for the impacts of climate change.’
  2. Nature. ‘Safeguarding ecosystems, protecting natural habitats and keeping carbon out of the atmosphere.’
  3. Energy transition. ‘Seizing the massive opportunities of cheaper renewables and storage.’
  4. Accelerating the move to zero-carbon road transport. ‘By 2040, over half of new car sales worldwide are projected to be electric.’
  5. Finance. ‘We need to unleash the finance which will make all of this possible and power the shift to a zero carbon economy.’
Read his full speech here.
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