Deadline to submit your Sustainability Leadership Scorecard data

30th January 2020

Sustainability Leadership Scorecard Report 2020 – Submit your data by Friday 28th February
Undoubtedly, the multi-dimensioned thing we call sustainability can be confusing, not to mention the ever-increasing performance improvement tools, quality standards and reporting accreditation, which aim to help, but often leave sustainability leaders feeling overwhelmed, and our colleagues and students none the wiser. Since the launch of the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard in 2018, over 100 institutions have used this tool to assess their current activities and set targets, while enabling them to have a single, engaging indicator of performance and gaps that are easy to understand and communicate.

We are now asking all institutions to submit their data to be part of this year’s Sustainability Leadership Scorecard Annual Report on the sector’s activity and performance by Friday 28th February 2020. The data collected will be used to show where the sector as a whole sit on its sustainability journey and where the gaps are and will be crucial in determining how we can help and support the sector further.
Please submit your current scores for as much as you can to help us make the Annual Report as useful to the sector as possible. It can take as little as an hour to complete.
After this date you can continue to use the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard as normal, but your data will not be included until the next Annual Report in 2021. All data will be collated and individual institutional data will not be shared. 

If you have not yet used the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard then view this presentation to learn more about how it can help you undertake a gap analysis of your activities and provide you with an action plan moving forward.
If you require a reminder of your login or have any questions please email Fiona Goodwin on

Find out more information about the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard.

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