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16th October 2019

SOS, NUS’s new sustainability charity, and UKSCN, the school strikers organisation, have launched a new campaign to repurpose the entire education system, from primary through to adult education, around the climate emergency and ecological crisis. You can read more about the six demands on the campaign page You can support the campaign by signing up on the website.


1 - A government commissioned review into how the whole of the English formal education system is preparing students for the climate emergency and ecological crisis

2 - Inclusion of the climate emergency and ecological crisis in English teacher standards

3 - An English Climate Emergency Education Act

4 - A national climate emergency youth voice grant fund

5 - A national Youth Climate Endowment Fund

6 - All new state-funded educational buildings should be net-zero from 2020; all existing state-funded educational buildings net-zero by 2030

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