EAUC-Scotland Programme Awarded 3 Years of Funding from SFC

21st February 2017

We are delighted to announce that the EAUC-Scotland Programme has been awarded three years of funding from the Scottish Funding Council!

This funding goes part of the way to supporting the new Programme, which has been developed in response to needs identified in collaboration with sector representatives. The EAUC-Scotland Team will be looking to secure additional funding through grants and sponsorship, and also become increasingly financially sustainable by developing a selection of paid services to be offered to the sector.
Building on the new EAUC strategic mission of ‘Making sustainability just good business’, the Catalysing Transformative Leadership for Sustainability Programme, running from April 2017 until March 2020, will build upon the previous two Universities and Colleges Climate Commitment for Scotland (UCCCfS) projects. The four key Objectives have been designed to further support Scotland’s colleges and universities to develop a skilled and informed, whole-institutional approach to leadership around carbon and resource management, social responsibility and environmental sustainability.
The Scottish Funding Council award will employ a small team, embedded and supported by the wider EAUC team and structures and in collaboration with key sector partners, to:
  • Develop leadership for sustainability at all levels of Scotland’s universities and colleges through ensuring senior-level understanding and support, supporting development of representative and knowledgeable sustainability committees drawn from throughout the institution, and developing resources and structures to support cross-institutional engagement.
  • Develop the skills and knowledge to deliver and monitor a low carbon and resilient sector by developing a programme of training, individual visits and helpline support and guidance documents, which directly respond to the needs of the sector. EAUC-Scotland will also continue to compile annual reports on sector progress for SFC, and commission focused research projects to ensure challenges and gaps in provision are identified and addressed.
  • Embed sustainability into teaching, research and engagement practices through development and dissemination of guidance and case studies, and continued progress in the topics and outputs of our education for sustainability and community engagement Topic Support Networks. Uncovering and communicating potential opportunities around developing a Living Lab approach to institutional sustainability will be vital to this element of the Programme.
  • Support institutions and partners to build cross-organisation and cross-sector contacts, enabling sharing of best practice and co-development of new solutions to national and international challenges, through reviewing and developing our Topic Support Networks, Regional Groups and Scotland Forum structures, and other opportunities for engagement. EAUC-Scotland will ensure the sector voice is heard in consultations and relevant sector groups, and champion the successes of our sector to ensure leadership is recognised and widely celebrated.

The EAUC-Scotland team will continue to seek additional funding opportunities to allow them to deliver additional elements to enhance Programme outcomes. These include securing a third role within the team for the full three years, developing focused training programmes in key areas, evolving structures to offer shared services, providing student- and graduate-level practical and research-based opportunities, and offering our popular Conference with potential addition of an Academic Symposium. If you know of any funding which may be of relevance, or would be interested in partnership or sponsorship opportunities, please contact the Scotland Manager Rebecca Petford.