EAUC announces 3 new key projects

25th October 2017

The EAUC today announces three exciting new projects to be delivered in collaboration with sector partners. The projects are designed to provide inspiration, guidance and support to a wide range of EAUC members in leadership, campus, academic and research positions. This is further to our request for project managers.
Project 1: Institutional Resilience Guide for Governors

First to start next month is a new version of our important guide on building institutional resilience at the governance level.   The project will update and improve the accessibility of the current guide. This is part of the EAUC’s new mission to help members get better recognition and leverage through aligning sustainability with key institutional priorities.
Project 2: Sustainability Business Case Guides

Following and complementing the resilience guide will be the development of a number of business case guides. These guides will be produced to support sustainability leaders make the financial and evidence-based case to institutional leaders and may focus on  sustainability and - employability, quality teaching, student experience, internationalism, access and retention, social impact, retention and growth.
Both these projects highlight the challenges and opportunities for our members at the interface of institutional and sustainability leadership. We are delighted to announce that after a tender exercise, the University of Edinburgh Department of Social Responsibility and Sustainability will project manage projects 1 and 2.

We had strong competition for the project delivery roles and we are delighted to be working closely with one of our leading members. Edinburgh’s approach brings significant added value to the projects through wider university staff insight and involvement including from the SMT.
Project 3: Living Labs

Starting next January, the third project builds on the recently published world-leading EAUC Living Lab research and we are delighted to announce will be led by the Sustainability Team at NUS. EAUC believe that the potential for Living Labs is transformational.

Living Labs promise the opportunity of applied learning and employability skills for students, problem-solving for campus managers, a rich and real-world learning experience for academics and a redefined student experience and new levels of student retention and satisfaction for managers.

This agenda has the potential to transform the boundaries between students and staff and NUS will lead on further research and funding bid development to establish and support a number of pioneering LL pilots across our membership.
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