EAUC announces new partnership with Love to Ride

16th December 2016

EAUC are inviting all member UK and Ireland Universities and Colleges to take part in this new national behaviour change programme, designed to monitor and grow cycling amongst your staff and student communities. 

Uni~Cycle is launching in early 2017 and is part of a big push to grow cycling in the UK as part of Love to Ride’s ‘Year of the Bike’.

Participating institutions and their departments will compete on Uni~Cycle leaderboards, with prizes and incentives for cycling and encouraging others to ride. The Love to Ride web platform is fully interactive, with motivational messaging, educational and informative updates, seasonal promotions and a fun, engaging and supported user-experience. Along with the GPS app, websites will be localised to be relevant, also helping to promote your other sustainable travel and health/wellbeing activity. 

For the pilot year in 2017, the first 20 Universities and Colleges to sign up will receive a Pilot Year Offer, reducing the budget to £4,750 for a full 12 month programme.

We encourage interested members to register to take part in the March Uni~Cycle Challenge by 27th Jan 2017. However, new registrations can be taken at any time of the year.

The Uni~Cycle delivery team are happy to assist with any queries and can be contacted at unicycle@lovetoride.org / 0117 9259184 / 07734 833451
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