EAUC Consultation response: Measuring higher education a review of performance indicators

12th June 2013

The EAUC has now published its response to the 'Measuring higher education – a review of performance indicators' consultation commissioned by the four higher education (HE) funding councils of the UK. The aim of the consultation is to fundamentally review the Performance Indicators (PIs) used by the sector to measure and benchmark performance. See natcen-surveys.co.uk/hepi/

In the words of the survey, ‘The world in which HE operates is changing, affecting who studies, where they study and how they study. Now is the right time to ask whether the PIs capture and reflect the whole picture of HE, whether they have been able to keep up with changes in the HE population and provision and, critically, whether they are still fit for purpose.’

The EAUC also believed that this was an excellent opportunity for a measure on sustainability to be included and so responded to the consultation on behalf of Members. We would like to thank the many EAUC Members who contributed to this response and, in particular, to Board Member Helen Manns at the University of Northumbria.

To view the EAUC's consultation response, please see the document below.