EAUC invites Members to form our 2014 Conference Programme Panel

22nd November 2013

The role of the Conferrence Programme Panel (CPP) is to ensure that the sessions included in the EAUC’s Annual Conference programme, meet the needs and demands of the delegates. Delegates are made up of sustainability practitioners from within both the higher and further education sector.

Together with input from the EAUC, the Panel will determine which conference sessions will be included in the final Conference programme.

We are now inviting Members to register to be on the Panel for the 2014 EAUC Annual Conference.


Before you commit to being involved, below is an estimated guide as to the time scale involvement and important dates. A CPP member needs to be available for the pre-reading of the session forms and also available on the “Conference session judging” day. In order to keep continuity, we can only accept members who are available for all dates below.

• The CPP will meet “virtually” on a tele-conference call on Friday 13 December 2013   as a first briefing of what’s involved and to capture any early thoughts on content for the Conference

• The EAUC will circulate the session offers (those making the criteria) to all CPP members for pre-reading and scoring. A scoring card will be included in the communication. (Approximate time 3 hours to read the offers and score them.)  You will receive this around 6 January 2014 and will need to return your completed scoring card to us by 5pm Friday 10 January 2014)

• The CPP will meet “virtually” for a “Conference session judging day” on a tele-conference call on Wednesday 15 January 2014 (please reserve the whole day for now and a time will be confirmed shortly – approximately 1-2 hours)

• The above process will result in a prioritised list of conference session offers and the top scoring offers will be included in the final Conference programme. We will also be assessing any clear gaps needed to be filled in which we will ask CPP members to drive speakers and content. We have allowed for a final tele-conference call on Thursday 23 January 2014 to discuss such items, as necessary.

Express your interest

If you would like to express your interest, please fill in your details in the form on this website page. 

When expressing your interest, you will be asked to state your areas of expertise/interest. This will help us to ensure we have a broad span of experts on the CPP.

We need to ensure that we have a good pool of CPP members able to represent the broad tertiary education sector areas. From those who fufill the criteria, the EAUC will select the final CPP members. They will be notified after 9 December. CPP members must be EAUC Educational Members.

In return for your commitment and as a token of the EAUC’s appreciation, we are able to offer all CPP members a discount of 10% off your chosen Conference delegate package.

Cannot commit but have some interesting ideas?

If you don't have the time to commit to the CPP, then how about letting us know your top 3 Conference session topics? If you can provide your suggested “top 3” topics and what you would like to see covered within them, this will help us to come up with a list of popular/priority sessions. Simply complete the form below but tick 'no' on the final question on the form on this website page.

The deadline for registering your interest is Friday 6 December 2013. If you have any questions, please email Lisa Walkley, Membership Services Manager.
Join our Conference Programme Panel