EAUC Launches New Strategy

22nd March 2017

EAUC unleashes a new chapter to lead and empower the post-16 education sector to make sustainability 'just good business'.

Launched today, 22nd March 2017, the new EAUC Strategic Plan reflects a commitment in the organisation to taking sustainability to the university and college executive level and repositioning it as doing ‘just good business’ - the new norm in how we do things. A transformational goal of the EAUC will now be to help institution leaders recognise the value sustainability and its leaders bring to delivering key institutional strategic objectives. These include quality teaching, world-leading research, the student experience, efficiency, access, low carbon campuses, student retention and employability. Big sector agendas you will agree.

It is time for sustainability to come in from the cold and show sector leaders not only its relevance but its profound value. Our powerful strategy sets out how we can better convene and support our members to inspire, challenge and enable students, staff and sector leaders. This strategy is our opportunity to move from good to great and demonstrate the importance of the post-16 education sector in moving towards a more sustainable society, and to have relevance and impact on a global scale.  

Read more about our strategy here.
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