EAUC partnering Shrink Paper to reduce paper in Universities

28th November 2012

The EAUC is pleased to announce a partnership with The European Environmental Paper Network (EEPN). The EEPN runs the Shrink Paper project (shrinkpaper.org) in the UK to encourage some of society's biggest paper consumers to cut their paper use by half. Saving paper reduces carbon emissions, forest impacts and pollution, and it has ethical and financial benefits too.

The Shrink project's aim is to encourage sixty large institutional users of paper to identify and eliminate wasteful paper use and to share learning about how to reduce paper consumption. Participants will be invited to motivational seminars to share insights into the practicalities and benefits of paper saving, and will have access to tools, reports and factsheets. We will show-case best practice on our website and produce a scorecard showing how our target organisations are performing. Our first seminar is on Monday 28 January 2013, in London, and it will include presentations from a range of organisations that have made substantial paper savings.

The EAUC is partnering with Shrink Paper to work with 10 universities and will ask them to share with us information about their paper consumption and any policies or activities they are undertaking to save paper. We do not require a huge investment of your time in this project (up to 3 days over the next eight months) but we are confident that successful engagement with the project will lead to cost savings, environmental benefits and positive publicity. The more effort an organisation can put into implementing the project learning, of course, the larger those benefits are likely to be!

The EAUC will be sharing the learning and outcomes of this project via the Sustainability Exchange as well as hosting webinars in 2013.

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