EAUC responds to Wales Sustainable Development Bill

5th March 2013

Earlier in the year, the Welsh Government launched a White Paper on proposals for the Sustainable Development (SD) Bill, a key part of their legislative programme.
Sustainability lies at the heart of the Welsh Government’s agenda for Wales; it also lies at the heart of this legislative programme. Taken as a whole, it will promote the economic, social and environmental wellbeing and enhance people’s quality of life in Wales  It is about defining the long term development path for our nation. It means healthy, productive people; vibrant, inclusive communities; a diverse and resilient environment and an advanced and innovative economy. This legislative programme provides new powers, duties and institutional capacity to advance our goals of building a sustainable Wales. 

- First Minister, 12 July 2011, The Welsh Government’s Legislative Programme 2011-16
The Sustainable Development Bill will place a duty on organisations delivering public services to have SD as their central organising principle. It will also establish an independent SD body, to provide support on sustainable development to reflect Welsh interests and needs.
The White Paper has been informed and developed through engagement and consultation. 

The EAUC worked closely with the Wales branch of the EAUC to ensure Members' voices were heard and represented on this important Bill. Read the full consultation response.

The consultation closed on 4 March 2013 and we will update Members with any developments.
Find out more about the Sustainable Development Bill at https://wales.gov.uk/topics/sustainabledevelopment/sdbill/?lang=en

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