EAUC supports Climate Action Strikes

1st April 2019

As the alliance for sustainability leadership in education, the EAUC are excited to see students from the UK’s universities and colleges joining the Strikes for Climate movement, and adding their voices to the call from school children and academics for more action on climate change and sustainability at both the governmental and institutional level.
We believe that reducing emissions and preparing for the impacts of climate change are fundamental responsibilities for our universities and colleges, as is ensuring students don’t leave our learning institutions without the skills and understanding of environmental and social sustainability required to thrive in tomorrow’s workplaces, and support a sustainable future for us all.
Today’s students are more aware than ever of the threats facing our planet and societies around the world, and that time to tackle these challenges is short. They will inherit the damage done by past and current generations, and realise the urgency for the UK, and wider world, to turn the corner, stop adding to the problems, and really invest in sustainable solutions.
Universities and colleges exist to educate and develop the leaders of the future, and student voices can have a lot of influence on the decisions made by leadership teams. EAUC hope that the expansion of this call for action from just the passionate and talented staff we support within our Member organisations to the wider student body will raise awareness of the importance of this issue, and encourage institutions to give more priority to addressing the sustainability challenges facing their institution, our county, and the wider world.
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