EAUC Volunteering day 2014 - Hamper Scamper

5th January 2015

Tuesday 16 December saw staff from EAUC spending the day volunteering with CCP as part of their annual Hamper Scamper. Hamper Scamper is CCP’s Christmas Giving Scheme, designed to spread a little cheer to some of the most disadvantaged children, young people, families and vulnerable adults in Gloucestershire at Christmas.
Since having completed this virtuous day of volunteering, the EAUC have been sent some statistics from the project organisers. 

CPP successfully packed and distributed 557 Christmas hampers out to those in need at Christmas. Done for another year, all together the amount of food donated totalled £35,130.85, from a total of 26,560 individual items. 11,281 of those were tined products. 2528 tins of beans – that’s around 1,172,992.00 individual beans worth a staggering £1,500. 355 pints of Soup, for the imperials that 71,100 millilitres. 1073 tins of fish including the one that got away. 1826 packets of biscuits. A jaw dropping 11,077 individual mince pies. 900 jars of cooking sauce and 1,605 packets of pasta.

In order to complete this mammoth task, CPP had help from 27 corporate teams, presenting 247 individual team players generating 741 of wonderful volunteer hours – in just two weeks.

The EAUC were delighted to have been a part of such a great cause and being able to do our part to make sure the local people of Gloucestershire did not go without this Christmas.
The EAUC Team