EAUC-Scotland opens bookings for Step-Change for Sustainability Conference

18th November 2022

We are delighted to announce that EAUC-Scotland’s “Step-Change for Sustainability” Conference will take place on 9th February 2023 at the Technology and Innovation Centre at University of Strathclyde.   
EAUC Interim CEO Fiona Goodwin says, "Scottish universities and colleges are leading the way in the education sector across all aspects of sustainability and this conference is a vital event for you to learn from your peers and to take on those big challenges and as well as the opportunities. It is a crucial period for institutions to ensure they are future fit as well as providing the education and skills for the next generation to not only survive but thrive in our changing climate."
EAUC-Scotland Programme Manager Matthew Woodthorpe says, “The period from 2020 to 2030 is critical for Scotland’s colleges and universities to help achieve our institutional, national and global climate and sustainable developments goals. Significant progress has been made to date, but we need to embed impactful actions much more quickly if we are going to realise our goals. Taking a whole-institution approach, the EAUC Scotland Conference will address some of the trickiest challenges facing the sector and look how it can move from piloting actions to embedding impact. Now is the time to take action and make changes to help us to achieve the sector’s toughest targets together.” 
The conference will bring together over 100 attendees from every area of campus life. With two plenary and panel discussion sessions, eight workshops and a buffet lunch in the exhibitor space, this conference will be a place to meet and have much-needed conversations about sustainability across the sector.  
Book before the end of December to receive a 20% Early Bird discount.

On a blue background white text reads "EAUC-Scotland Conference 2023, Step-Change for Sustainability". Next to this is the EAUC-Scotland logo. Beneath this is text reading "Agenda: 9.30: Registration and Welcome Refreshments. 10.00: Conference Welcome & Keynote. 10.25: Plenary: What is the role of Scottish colleges and universities in a climate, ecological and social emergency? 11.25: Refreshments. 11.55: Breakouts - 4 options. 13.15: Buffet lunch. 14.15: Breakouts - 4 options. 15.30: Refreshments. 16.00: Plenary: The Collaboration Challenge. 17.00: Close." At the bottom of the image, text reads "9th February 2023, TIC, Glasgow. #EAUCS2023 eauc.org.uk/events". Beside this is an image of a set of steps on a yellow background.

For more information about the conference or our exhibition and sponsorship opportunities, please email scotland@eauc.org.uk
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