Enactus UK National Competition 2015

20th April 2015

35 teams across the UK were brought together to participate in the Enactus UK National Competition. The two day event (13-14 April) featured 800 university students who were asked to showcase their flagship community outreach projects to a dynamic group of business leaders. Students were judged on how effectively they had applied business concepts and an entrepreneurial approach to improve the quality of life and standard of living of those in the most need.

Crowned national champions of 2015 were Enactus Southampton. They run a total of 11 projects in 4 different countries across the globe, which includes local, community and international projects like Soton Swap, Ignite and SanEco.

Until July of this year there will be also be a number of other national competitions, with 36 countries competing across the globe. From each national competition one team will be selected to represent their country at the prestigious Enactus World Cup in Johannesberg, South Africa towards the end of this year.

In late March, Enactus UK were one of the supporters of the first ever Student Sustainability Summit at the University of Leeds. The Student Sustainability Summit encouraged attendees to come and become part of a new wave of leadership, take action for social justice, and make the student voice on sustainability too powerful to ignore.

To find out further information on the competition results and key highlights then head over to the National Competition website. You can also track the worldwide conversation by following the hashtag #WeAllWin.
Enactus UK National Competition 2015 image #1