Enactus World Cup

7th September 2017


Every year a select group of 3,500 student, business and academic leaders from around the globe meet at Enactus World Cup to showcase the entrepreneurial action and shared innovation that transforms lives and creates a better future. This is your invitation to experience ideas into action with present and future world leaders over three unforgettable days of competition, collaboration and celebration…

Celebrate diversity of culture, abundance of ideas and the synergy of cross-generational leadership in action.
Throughout the event you will experience the excitement and passion that is realized when a group of people who are personally invested in each other, and the lives of the people whom their work is intended to serve, gather together to recognize, encourage and celebrate one another and the infinite possibilities of real human progress.

Challenge the status-quo of thought leaders and enjoy a curated, interactive dialogue of global action leaders.
Through diverse and fresh perspectives we focus on the positive power of business, entrepreneurial action and social enterprise to address the most important issues affecting the world.
Through multiple forums we share real progress in key areas which align with the framework of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The energy created when business leaders and influencers collaborate with student innovators motivates personal change and drives new ideas.

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