Energy in Education

2nd February 2017

Shedding light on energy uncertainty
A new initiative launched on 1st February aims to shed light on the impact that political and market uncertainty is having on energy management in the education sector. The Energy in Education Survey is seeking to gather the views of managers in Higher and Further Education organisations throughout the UK to deliver a timely insight into the energy opportunities and challenges facing the sector.
There can be no doubt that turbulent times in politics have contributed to market uncertainty throughout the world, affecting currencies, commodities and investor confidence. Energy is no exception and this uncertainty has added to the sector’s existing challenges of energy security, climate change and cost management.
The Energy in Education survey will build a picture of priority issues for the sector in the hope of stimulating debate and identifying new opportunities for collaboration. The views of energy, sustainability and environmental managers working in the Education sector are actively sought and the survey can be accessed by following the link below:
Complete the survey here

Energy in Education Workshops
The survey will be followed up with a series of 3 regional workshops. These events, held in York, Bristol and London, will provide a unique opportunity for leading professionals in the education sector to discuss the survey findings and work together to develop solutions that meet the most significant challenges.

With a focus on interaction and collaboration, those involved in energy and carbon management within the education sector are invited to attend this free event. To reserve your place, please follow the link below:

Bristol 27th February
York 28th February
London 2nd March
About Energy in Education
Energy in Education Energy in Education is a new initiative to improve the understanding of priority energy issues affecting the education sector. The annual survey and workshop series aims to deliver insight and promote open collaboration on energy management. 
Energy in Education is proudly supported by The Energy Consortium, a not-for-profit energy services consortium dedicated to supporting the education sector. Further information at:
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