Enter edie Live's Innovation Competition

11th January 2016

Innovation is vital to the survival and success of UK plc and the planet. Radical and disruptive change is needed in the way materials and resources are used and how organisations do business. Innovation and emerging technologies are an essential building block for that sustainable future.

Recognising this, edie Live has designed a competition specifically to promote and support innovation in the sustainability space.

The competition scope includes, but is not limited to, energy efficiency, process/resource efficiency, circular economy and other new business models, onsite low-carbon or renewable energy solutions, building efficiency, low-carbon transport, energy storage and smart management.

The competition is open to SMEs (up to 250 employees and a turnover not exceeding €50m) that have developed a new or emerging technology, system, process or business model.

The winner of the Innovation Zone competition will receive £6,000 support package of services to include.

Find out more about the competition and submit your entry here. Deadline for submissions is 18th March 2016. 

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