European Low Carbon Hospital Prize

13th January 2017

The European Commission has launched the Horizon prize for a Low Carbon Hospital to stimulate innovative thinking and find solutions to overcome technological problems linked to the use of 100% renewable energy sources in buildings for heat and power generation.

A cash reward of €1 million will be presented to whoever can most effectively meet the following challenge:

Develop an innovative renewable energy solution integrating several European technologies into one energy system in a hospital, while ensuring a 100% secure energy supply.

The use of renewable energy in buildings for heat and power generation still faces technological problems linked to the security and reliability of energy supply and related costs. This is due to the intermittent nature of some renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind. The challenge is even greater in cases where a 100% security of energy supply is essential such as for hospitals.

Further information is available here.
European Low Carbon Hospital Prize  image #1