Facilities Management Procurement Toolkit from WRAP

6th January 2014

The Government's Waste and Resource Action Programme (WRAP) are now funding support to clients of Facilities Management (FM) services.

WRAP have developed a way of delivering support to help clients of FM services improve the efficiency of the contracts being tendered or that are in development, to deliver resource efficiency savings through the lifecycle of a contract.

Since 2000, WRAP has been working with the public sector and industry to drive and deliver resource efficiency savings. However, Facilities Management is identified in WRAP’s 2010-2015 business plan as a key area where resource and cost savings can be made.  One of the key mechanisms to achieve these savings is to incorporate resource efficient outcomes into FM contracts.

Over the past 18 months WRAP has worked with 30 clients of FM services to deliver cost and resource efficiency savings through the procurement of FM contracts. To date this has resulted in WRAP supporting 38 contracts, with the estimated impact (based on data for those supported) over the life of the contracts will be 44,000 tonnes of waste prevented, 13.5 million kwh of energy saved, 15,000m3 of water saved, with total savings in the order of £20 million.

As a first step, WRAP has created a toolkit that includes model wording that can be incorporated as appropriate into contracting documentation.

The toolkit is essentially a good practice manual of model procurement wording, to be used by procurement teams when tendering FM services. FM service areas that WRAP have developed model procurement wording for include:

•             ICT
•             Catering
•             Buildings and maintenance
•             Furniture
•             Textiles and clothing (including work wear)
•             Waste management services

WRAP are currently working with organisations across Scotland, England and Wales to help review and develop FM tender specifications that are either in development or under consideration, including the Government Departments, various local authorities (County Council’s and Unitary), private sector clients in the utilities and energy sector.

The 1-2-1 programme is running until March 2015, so support is available across this timescale. However, it is available on a first-come-first-serve basis, so if you have a specific tender opportunity you would like support with contact the project leaders as soon as possible.

However, despite this timescale, the WRAP FM Toolkit itself will be available to use indefinitely. 

The project is being fully funded by WRAP, and SKM Enviros have been appointed by WRAP to deliver this support. For more information, see the flyer below or visit www.wrap.org.uk.

For details on how to access this support, please contact Alex Forrest at SKM Enviros
Email: awforrest@globalskm.com
Mobile: 07780 481150 

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