Sustainability at the heart of the University of Leeds

28th April 2017

From Recycling to Research, Labs to Local Community Sustainability is at the heart of the University of Leeds.
How are Leeds progressing? Find out in their First Annual Sustainability Report 
Taking environmental, social, economic and cultural responsibilities seriously is core to the University of Leeds. In their Sustainability Strategy they set out the vision for a sustainable University; one that has a positive impact on society.  It is now time to for Leeds to share their progress. In their first annual sustainability report, you can find out how they are doing, the progress they have made and understand the areas where there is still work to do.  From embedding management systems, to expanding the curriculum, changing the energy use, working with local school children and working on exciting new research areas, the report highlights how as a University Leeds have sustainability at their core.
Some key highlights:
5,600 students completed sustainability modules
Students spent over a 100 hours working on sustainability initiatives
Achievement of £49.7m research income across the sustainability research themes
Over 119,000 people benefited from outreach programme
7,141 tonnes of carbon saved
73% of staff travelled to work sustainably 

"Collaboration is key to us being a truly sustainable University. Thank you to everyone within the University and our external partners for helping us to successfully work towards our vision."
To see the full report please visit:
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