Garbage Guzzler Trial Success at Mansfield College

23rd October 2017

Mansfield College, Oxford, produces more than 500 meals a day for its staff, students and visitors. Its kitchen produces food for breakfasts, lunches and dinners in its main hall and for other more intimate dining areas, including a new cafe.
In early 2017, the College took a Garbage Guzzler on trial, to see if it could help reduce the amount of avoidable food waste that was currently being removed from site.
The Garbage Guzzler is an onsite aerobic food waste digester, which is capable of reducing food waste by up to 90% in a 72-hour period.
Each week the College was producing two wheelie bins full of food waste and this was identified as an area that could be improved upon, under their green initiative.
For Lee Browning, Kitchen Manager at Mansfield College the Garbage Guzzler seemed like a great opportunity to reduce the amount of food waste being collected from site.
Mansfield took delivery of a GG400 in April 2017 for a three-month trial. The college cancelled its food waste collections and have been delighted by the way the guzzler has performed. Located in the bin store area, staff described the machine as ‘easy’ to use.
Using bacteria to help speed up the digestion process, the Garbage Guzzler has been so efficient, that the machine has rarely needed to be emptied in three months! When they do empty it, the college are looking forward to using the remains of their food as nitrate-rich soil improver around the college grounds.
The college staff also noticed there were less vermin problems with the sealed Garbage Guzzler and even that flies seemed to hate the machine!
“It’s been brilliant,” said Lee. “It’s the easiest machine to use in the world. You open the top, put in the food and hit the button to set it going. It couldn’t be simpler.
“The digestate looks a bit like old coffee grounds. The bacteria have just reduced the food so quickly. What has been brilliant is that we have less vermin around the bin store and fewer flies, as they don’t seem to like the Garbage Guzzler. All in all, it’s been brilliant.”
PKL is the exclusive UK distributor of the Garbage Guzzler.

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