Gavin Scott takes on London to Istanbul race in aid of Research into Brain Tumours in Children

11th July 2014

Gavin Scott, Environment Manager for The University of Nottingham, will cycle from London to Istanbul in aid of Research into Brain Tumours in Children.  

Commencing on 9 August 2014 as part of the transcontinental race (, the ride is quite unique in that there is no support team. The ride is solo, but Gavin (luckily) will be tracked on the internet and there is no official route.

Gavin tells you more about the challenge:

My current route plans will take me through France down towards Switzerland, across the alps, into Italy before taking a ferry across the Adriatic to Split in Croatia, continuing through Montenegro, Macedonia and Bulgaria hoping to arrive in Istanbul two weeks after leaving London. The total mileage isn’t known as of yet but it will be in excess of 2,400 miles, and I anticipate riding an average of 150 miles per day, sleeping where and when I can and refuelling at petrol stations.

So why am I doing it? Worldwide, over 30,000 children each year are diagnosed with cancer of the brain or central nervous system. In the UK, brain tumours are the largest cause of children’s cancer deaths, yet only 2% of cancer research funding has been focussed on this area. The Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre brings together a team of leading professionals and researchers – all experts in their fields, and all committed to improving our understanding of childhood brain tumours.

Real progress is being made in diagnosing earlier and improving survival rates but there is so much more t to do to improve this further. So I’m cycling over 2,400 miles to raise money for more research to help speed up diagnosis, get new and better treatments readily available and help more children and their families deal with cancer.

Gavin is committed to raising money to support Children’s Brain Tumour research and hopes that you are inspired to support him in raising funds to support the work of the Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre. 

To donate, please do so at 
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