Government proposal to abolish Display Energy Certificates - have your say!

3rd March 2015

The EAUC is a Member-led organisation. We represent you, and ensure that your views on topical issues are conveyed to the rest of the sector and to the Government. One important way we can do this is by responding to consultations from the Government and other organisations.

Are you affected by the Government proposals of abolishing Display Energy Certificates, along with 54,000 other public buildings in England and Wales?

You can join in the conversation and be part of the response submitted on behalf of EAUC Members. The response, due by 11 March, will be written by Members of the EAUC Energy Community of Practice (CoP) Jiscmail network. The CoP itself will be launched in April with resources, topics to discuss and events included!

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Display Energy Certificates: current regime and how it could be streamlined and improved - consultation

Scope of the Consultation:
Topic of this consultation: Display Energy Certificates: current regime and how
it could be streamlined and improved.
Part 1 of this consultation considers ways to improve
compliance with and enforcement of the
requirements for the issue and display of energy
certificates in public buildings. It also ensures that
England and Wales are complying with Article 27 of
the Energy Performance of Buildings EU Directive.
Part 2 of this consultation considers the extent to
which the existing requirements for the issue and
display of energy certificates in public buildings
could be modified to reduce the burden of
compliance, whilst providing an effective tool to
encourage public sector energy efficiency.
Finally, the questions are followed by a call for
evidence. The department invites anyone who
wishes to contribute to provide information on public
buildings in their care, and the costs associated with
obtaining and maintaining appropriate energy
Scope of this consultation: Part 1. The consultation sets out certain definitions
to be provided in guidance, and asks respondents’
views on whether the existing enforcement
arrangements could be improved.
Part 2. The consultation sets out proposals for reforms of the regime to ensure that the benefits of the Display Energy Certificate regime are achieved in a cost-effective and proportionate way for public bodies. Proposals include exemptions, validity and abolition. The Government seeks respondents’ views on the proposals in section four, and asks respondents to consider any implications
surrounding each of the options.
Geographical scope: This consultation applies to England and Wales
Impact Assessment: No impact assessment was required as the
consultation has no impact on business or the
voluntary sector at this stage of the process. An Initial 5 Cost Benefit Analysis was produced to show costs and saving of each of the options considered in the consultation. This is attached as an annex to the
A consultation stage Cost Benefit Analysis has been
produced for Part 2 of this consultation.

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