Green Impact Awards at HEFCE

30th October 2013

HEFCE staff celebrated the culmination of four months of Green Impact activity at its Bristol headquarters with an award ceremony attended by HEFCE’s Chair, Tim Melville-Ross who congratulated teams on their awards.

Also attending were the National Union of Students Vice-President Dom Anderson, Professor Jim Longhurst from the University of the West of England (UWE), members of the NUS Green Impact team and UWE students, who helped the seven HEFCE Green Impact teams achieve their awards.

Green Impact encourages and enhances pro-environmental behaviours in the workplace.

HEFCE staff participated in activities as diverse as sourcing and growing food to modifying office environments to save energy.

Green Impact has been both an opportunity to work alongside the NUS, but equally important was the involvement of students working with staff to raise awareness of sustainable development and staff behaviour. Student auditors assessed the progress of teams, providing hands-on experience and an opportunity to see a different working environment.

The Carbon Trust has recently renewed HEFCE’s Carbon Trust certification, confirming that HEFCE should continue its collective efforts to reduce energy consumption.

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