Green Scorecard Guidance Documents.

23rd June 2016

To ensure that all of our members are up to speed with the Green Scorecard, we have asked AUDE and ARUP for permission to share their guidance on completing the Scorecard, which was originally shared with Directors of Estates and those registered on the platform with the expectation that they would pass it to the appropriate members of staff. We are pleased to share the guidance now.

The guidance includes:

  • HE Sector Sustainability Evaluating Methodology - Summary Report
  • Green Scorecard Web Portal User Guide
  • ARUP Green Scorecard presentation slides
  • FAQs
  • Methodology Excel Spreadsheet
  • EMR Data Excel Spreadsheet
  • Recording of Green Scorecard webinar –Ignore log in screen and press play. The webinar will play and the log in screen is part of the presentation.

Download the guidance here. The documents will download in the form of a large zip file (39mb).

Green Scorecard Guidance Documents. image #1