HEFCE Annual Meeting 2012

5th December 2012

HEFCE’s Annual Meeting was attended by members of governing bodies of universities and colleges, and representatives of other organisations with an interest in higher education.
Tim Melville-Ross, Chair of HEFCE, welcomed delegates to the meeting. Chief Executive Alan Langlands reviewed HEFCE’s work and developments in the sector over the past year. Looking ahead, he proposed a 'new narrative' for higher education based on the vision of a diverse, dynamic system with students at its heart, a continuing focus on fair access and widening participation, and clear recognition of the significant contribution of universities and colleges to economic growth.

Heather Fry (Director, Education and Participation), Chris Millward (Associate Director) and Steve Egan (Deputy Chief Executive) spoke respectively about the collective student interest, economic growth, and regulation. Delegates posed a range of questions on these and other topics.
For the first time delegates and visitors to the HEFCE website were invited to tweet during the event, and there was plenty of comment throughout the morning on #hefceam.

Chief Executive Alan Langlands summarising the AGM:
HEFCE Annual Meeting 2012 image #1