How are NUS pilot Fairtrade universities and colleges are getting on?

27th February 2018

Last year, in partnership with the Fairtrade Foundation and with support from the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges, NUS launched a Fairtrade award for universities and colleges in 12 pilot institutions.

Their research shows that the ethical standards of products matter to 89% of students, and 90% of students say that they want to buy more products that don’t harm the people who produce them. Students associate high ethical standards with Fairtrade, and want to see more Fairtrade products on campus.

When they launched that Fairtrade award for universities and colleges, Robbie Young, NUS Vice President (Society and Citizenship), said:

“We’re seeing an increasing concern from students about their impact to the planet and how the choices they make affect people down the supply chain. The values of Fairtrade are part of the core values of our student movement and we should be proud to celebrate the achievements of students’ unions. Thousands of students and unions have already shown the power and value of Fairtrade but initiatives like this one will provide a platform for further success."

And Joanna Milis, Education Campaigns Manager at the Fairtrade Foundation said:

“The current Fairtrade University and Colleges Award has been running since 2003 and started out very much about student campaigning. We recognise that there are many different ways that universities engage with Fairtrade and lots of opportunities to deepen their engagement with issues around trade and power in supply chains, and looking at the procurement and policies within their own institutions. The new award will bring together the expertise from the Fairtrade Foundation and the NUS to offer something new and exciting to support institutions.”

They caught up with their Fairtrade pilot institutions to see how they're getting on. There's some great work happening, which should be inspirational for other colleges and universities across the UK! Find out more here.
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